Kalisketch detail

Redesign again

Trying something a little different with layers this time – instead of drawing features in from the beginning, I purposely left her face blank and did the skin tone and shading, and now am sketching features over that. I don’t know if it’ll work better or not, but it looks …

Kalisketch detail


Not finished, not even close, but still a much better design for Kali.



. First time I get to use my workroom as a guest room since I fixed it up. I think the rocking …



Finally added color to a small pen drawing of some peacock feathers. I might try to do this one on a larger …


Weenog’s Green Teabag

This one will make no sense to anyone, the shading is for suck, the perspective is aaaaallllll wrong and I love it. …



Digitally colored sketch of the family dog, Minnie. Done for use in a birthday card for a family member, but I’m really …