It has been 452 days since I posted anything here. A year and a half, almost.  I didn’t have anything to say.  I’m still not sure if I do. We’ll see. I should be asleep right now but I can’t settle down. 

Catching Up


It’s been busy since the piano arrived. Not necessarily with piano related business, although it’s been used consistently. And not all unpleasant either. In fact, since most of the “unpleasant” relates directly to another person who hasn’t given me permission to discuss, I won’t say much about it here. The … Continue reading

Dear Body,

Can we please just pull the trigger on this menopause thing and get it over with? The hot flashes are starting to really crank me off. It’s 65 degrees in the house and I’m sweating.  The boys are going to get frostbite pretty soon.  If this is your sick idea … Continue reading