Haven’t put pictures up

not for a long time. I ought to be drawing, and I will, but right now I’m putting pictures up.

path_of_the_goddess_by_mentalrose-d7s607i.jpgpath_of_the_goddess_by_mentalrose-d7s607i.jpgpath_of_the_goddess_by_mentalrose-d7s607i.jpgpath_of_the_goddess_by_mentalrose-d7s607i“The Path of the Goddess”  pencil and copic marker on watercolor paper. I used an online reference for the pose and fabric because honest to God, human proportions? NOT my strong suit. But this is actually a character drawing, a pose of a Pathfinder character in prayer. Tattoo on the back is representative of the revered creture of this person’s particular Goddess.  I’d stick this one on facebook but, yeah, she’s naked, not sure how everyone would take that, yknow?  Still, I’m pleased with this one.  Copyright, me and all that. No picture stealing, thankies.

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