Okay, well, I hope they are. I’ve gotten several new pendants done, and I’m very pleased with them.

IMG_0955.JPGIMG_0958.JPGIn fact, the small palette has already been sold, less than 48 hours after I made it, which is sort of a record for me.  I really can’t find it in me to be upset about this. I’ve set some prices – $20 for the smaller pieces, $22 for the larger ones, and this price seems to be meeting with a “that’s reasonable” attitude so far. Which is a real relief for me.


Evenings aren’t really my best drawing time – that seems to be between ten and three, for some reason.  I rarely have the opportunity to draw at those times, but I must say that all the pieces I like best seem to be ones I did at that time of day. Worth remembering and making a point of working those times on my days off, I suppose.


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