Some Advice for Makers of Ladie’s Products.

Sorry, this might be tmi for some folks but it has to be said.

No. Just, no.

See this? This is INCORRECT. Dear advertising people, when I have to go to the WalMart or the grocery store or the pharmacy and visit this particular aisle, there is a word that I don’t think of, and “radiant” is it. In fact, I can’t think of a state of being that is further from “radiant” than the state of existence that brings me into this aisle in the first place.

I understand that what you mean by “radiant” is in fact “pleasantly scented”.  Please consider changing the label to read “pleasantly scented” or even “lightly perfumed.  Shoot, I’d even settle for “doesn’t stink”, just please get rid of “radiant” before some poor woman all hopped up on hormones radiantly charges the advertising offices  with a bottle of cologne and a thesaurus to educate you on the difference.

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