Catching Up

It’s been busy since the piano arrived. Not necessarily with piano related business, although it’s been used consistently. And not all unpleasant either. In fact, since most of the “unpleasant” relates directly to another person who hasn’t given me permission to discuss, I won’t say much about it here.

The holidays were busy and not entirely easy, this being the first set of holidays since the death of our nephew. It resulted in my medication being increased and while part of me feels like a failure for not being “all better” another part of me has started to get used to being mostly calm instead of always afraid and is perfectly happy to increase the Zoloft in order to keep that going.

A new friend has come to live with me, courtesy of Bond.


This is Fuzzy. Aside from the fact that he points up my serious deficiency in coming up with good names, he is a marimo, a ball of algae of the species Aegagropila linnaei. He doesn’t do much but I like him. He is remarkably easy to care for.  If I don’t kill him first he will likely outlive me and is the only plant I have in the house because he is the only plant that Kumba can’t get to and eat. Fuzzy’s turnons are low light, pretty rocks, clean water every week or so and the occasional night at the spa (read: refrigerator).  Turnoffs are goldfish, summer heat and cats who think you look like a fuzzy cat toy. It’s hard being the fuzzy lord of your domain alone though, so a pair of attendants has been hired. I haven’t been introduced yet but it seems they’re ramshorn snails who will work for the occasional algae wafer and wilted carrot and in return will keep Fuzzy clean of unhealthy bits and tell him stories of the outside world.

Aside from Fuzzy, I’ve been to an art market, am in the processes of making an application for a juried show, have sold several fairly large pieces already this year and am generally optimistic about my prospects. Don’t tell me any horror stories. I don’t want to know.

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