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Digitally colored sketch of the family dog, Minnie. Done for use in a birthday card for a family member, but I’m really pleased with it as a stand-alone image, too!

Big Green Book

20121231-130357.jpgI am very very excited, for the big green book has arrived!  6″x9″, refillable with a hardcover book full of blank unlined pages for sketching or writing, and the cover is leather and hand-tooled and damn do I love this book. :)


Meet Taerlin, an original character of mine who has been turned over to our DM to use and abuse.  Poor Taerlin has had a rough last five or six months, so he deserves a nice picture, don’t you think?

Me too.


The leaves are changing. Quickly. This reminds me that I have a sweater in progress that I want to wear soon. It is time now to start knitting during dnd night while the pattern is still simple enough to do that.